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It’s late summer here on the Eastern Shore. The Chesapeake is warm, the crabs are running, tomatoes are ripe and luscious, and the corn is high. The days are getting shorter though, dusk falls earlier as we watch nightly for “our” great horned owl to come hunting.


Even though fall won’t arrive for a few weeks I am feeling a big shift in my life. I usually enjoy the change of seasons, do you? I can’t fathom living without seasons, although I know many that prefer a more year-round temperate climate. The latent ancient Celtic wise-woman in my soul feels them as tying us all to the grinding of the circle of life and powerful mysteries larger than our knowing.

There is an old saying that things come in threes, I frequently experience it to be true. Three big shifts in my life on the cusp of this coming Autumn are by turn joyful, sorrowful and humbling.

I experience profound joy a few weeks ago when my precious and only child had his own. A new life brings such a flood of love and wonder. Maeve is a beautiful gift to our family. I am filled to the brim with seeing my son & his wife with their new daughter, the love between them and for her. It is wonderful to see them sliding so gracefully in to being calm competent parents.

My sorrow in this late summer is the loss of my father. There is deep sadness because I will miss him dreadfully. Six years ago, I moved across the street from him and our lives meshed closer, I am profoundly grateful for the blessing of this time. And I am grateful that his passing was swift, he was sitting in his chair reading and sudden cardiac arrest, he had a good 82 years and loved and was loved by two amazing women. At times I am feeling all alone in the front row and panic sets in. On the positive side of things I am grateful for a close and loving relationship with my stepmother.

Humbling me this season is completely wiping out and losing all my blog content for the third time in my checkered and erratic long time blogging career. I created my first blog in May of 2008 over 10 years ago, vestiges of the first blog remain on Blogger. I was never constant, but it still holds some memories. I moved it all over to WordPress and lost it there plus all I added in later years. For a couple of years it sat idle with a single post from the first wipeout. At the beginning of this year I decided I wanted my own spot again not owned by a social media platform. So I resurrected it and was posting new content I was proud of, and then I was hacked and ran into also sorts of tech issues. I tried to handle them myself and failed so wipe out number two.

This time around I enlisted professional help and am at peace with my new blank canvas of a blog. I welcome you here and I hope to engage and serve you in some way no matter what season you are in. I hope share some passions and knowledge about living an abundant less toxic creative and engaged life.