hippie mom advice from a lazy Martha Stewart type

Know Better/Do Better

Sharing my personal journey to know better and do better:

For the past ten plus years I have been on a mission to create the healthiest and least toxic life I can for myself and my family. It has not been an all at once effort but has unfolded as I have put on my geek-y hat and dug into researching various aspects of what it takes to have a healthier and less toxic life in the industrial chemical laden 21st century.


My journey has been long and winding, but perhaps something I share can help you and your family on your journey to your healthy best most vibrant life. My website tag line “hippie mom advice from a lazy Martha Stewart type” is truly the heart of my mission to serve others by sharing what I have learned and empowering and encouraging you to seek and live your best life, no matter your season.

I am a child of the last century, I was born in the 50’s and came of age in the 60’s & 70’s at the height of hippie-dom. I embraced it back then wearing jeans and flowers in my hair but never make up. My garden was organic, we raised chickens, put up our own vegetables and made field trips to a local organic food co-op hours away. In college I lived in a group house that was basically a commune.

One day college was over, there was a real job, a grown up house in the suburbs, then marriage and then a baby. I fell for a flawed societal version of adulting. Dressing for success, fitting in, keeping up, and possibly the most evil product of the time period -“processed convenience foods”. My inner hippie was kind of lost for a time, but bits would surface periodically and awkwardly.

My journey back to seeking a better life began with food. Trying to eliminate processed foods from our diet, eat whole foods, organic where it mattered and learning all about the dirty dozen and clean fifteen. My family was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired to frequently. Diet seemed an obvious first step to help us be healthier.

It took some chronic health and auto-immune issues and researching those to catapult our journey to staying above the wellness line by using natural methods. It lead us to try to eliminate as many industrial synthetic chemicals from our life as we could.

One of the most useful tools we use in our efforts are Essential Oils. They have been around in various forms used by humans for thousands of years and lately they seem to be every where even at Target. They aren’t all created equally and if not used safely can cause harm. We use them thoughtfully and carefully to great benefit – fad status aside.

There are no magic bullets, and in the 21st century world we live in we aren’t going create some perfect safe bubble and keep all the bad stuff out. Unlike a lot of people that educate and share about Essential Oils, I want to be realistic and practical. I will share with you how small easy steps can create great improvements and I won’t preach and wrap it up in religion either.

If you want a no-nonsense real world approach to cleaning up your life and home I am so glad you stopped by,  it is my fervent wish that the content I share here will be of service to you. I will be adding and creating educational resources for Essential Oils along with my regular blog that shares my passions and interests in many areas. Please contact me if I can be of help or service to you! There is a real, responsive and friendly person behind this site.