hippie mom advice from a lazy Martha Stewart type


Hello, I’m Kathleen and welcome to my “About Page”.

Here is where I am supposed to tell you all about myself in a conversational, authentic, relatable and witty manner. Huge kudos to everyone on the internet that has rocked their own About Page because this is way harder than I thought it would be!

I am a child of the 1950’s still waiting to feel like a grown up half the time. The other half of the time I feel like I have become the old wise woman of Irish folklore (the beautiful young heroine left the building a while ago).

In reality, I am an old hippie who lost her way in the convenience-driven 1980’s & 90’s. It’s been quite a journey to get to the good place I am now. The perspective I’ve gained and the lessons I’ve learned I have brought me here.

I am a true ambivert. My introverted side likes to stay home, read, paint, cook and sew – or veg out on the couch and watch some TV. My outgoing side loves to entertain, share, teach, encourage and mentor. My own website seems like a perfect pivot point for me to share what I am passionate about.

I would truly love to be of service to you! Whether by sharing and educating on ways you and your family can lead a less toxic 21st-century life, or to inspire your creativity by sharing some of mine, or maybe just give you the courage to have some friends over for dinner and new recipes to try.

I’d also like to bash some ageism, I truly believe that caring kindred spirits can learn and share across generational pigeon-holes. So maybe some non-judge-y friendly input and inspiration from #notyourmom/#notyourBFF can be helpful to you. I sure hope so -this is my main goal. For more about me and my journey to this point check out my Know Better/Do Better Page.

Thanks for stopping by!